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Are you in control? The CCF is the right place for you to get in touch with different cool companies which have projects related to your field of studies. The event will be on May 27th 2021.

The event is held in an online environment where you can freely walk around and meet up with people. The companies will have a virtual stand, and you can freely approach the companies that are the most interesting to you. Furthermore, there will be presentations from selected companies as well where they will share more information about their company.

The CCF is a nice chance to expand your network especially because the companies are selected for they closeness with your studies.

To participate at the event you will have to register here. If you have subscribed, you will receive a link to the platform as well as more information about the event itself.

Edition 2021


ASML is a high-tech company, headquartered in the Netherlands. We manufacture the complex lithography machines that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits, or computer chips. Over 30 years, we have grown from a small startup into a multinational company with over 60 locations in 16 countries and annual net sales of €11.8 billion in 2019.

Behind ASML’s innovations are engineers who think ahead. The people who work at our company include some of the most creative minds in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanical engineering, software engineering and computer science.

Because ASML spends more than €2 billion per year on R&D, our teams have the freedom, support and resources to experiment, test and push the boundaries of technology. They work in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams, listening to and learning from each other.

If you are passionate about technology and want to be a part of progress, visit


We create technologies that take society further. How? Through electrification, digitalization and automation. We’re changing the cities you live in, the places you work, the energy that powers your home, and the way the products you love are manufactured.

We’re making a difference to the world we live in every day. We’ve reduced congestion in cities by 20% by using intelligent real-time traffic data; we’ve built offices using nothing but a 3D printer; we’ve created software that communicates with turbines in the middle of the ocean; and we helped NASA develop the Curiosity rover and land it safely on Mars.

We recruit bright minds from all walks of life and believe in different ways of thinking. Because companies don’t move the world forward, but people do. Will you help us develop the technologies and innovations of tomorrow? Together we decide what you can do at Siemens. This way you can influence what your internship or graduation project will look like. Do you complete it to expectations? Then we will be happy to look at the opportunities for you within Siemens after your studies. There are many challenges we want to tackle – from making sustainable energy more economical to building intelligent infrastructure that changes the cities we live in. The possibilities are endless – the choice is yours.


Spectral is an Amsterdam-based scale-up developing scalable solutions aiming to revolutionize the energy sector and enable the transition towards a 100% sustainable energy supply. To achieve this, Spectral has developed multiple intelligent control systems targeting to unlock the flexibility at various levels of the energy supply chain and maximize the utilization of renewably sourced energy. These control solutions focus both on (mission-critical) real-time control of large assets, such as wind farms and grid-scale batteries, as well as advanced modeling and operation planning and optimization for smart buildings and microgrids.

To further propel these solutions, Spectral is looking to improve the model-predictive control strategies, by incorporating (hybrid) data-driven system models and digital twins – to increase system observability and decrease uncertainty, and by advancing the control strategies – to maximize asset utilization. Additionally, to maximize its impact, Spectral is looking to unify its control solutions within a unique (and scalable) platform, that would aggregate multiple heterogeneous control systems over the network, abstract the project-specific constraints, and unify the flexibility potential across all of our projects.


Milan Milinkovic (Smart Grid Architect) and Django van Amstel (Energy Control Systems Developer, TU Delft Alumnus)

Royal IHC

Royal IHC is a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets. We have a history of providing reliable solutions for the most difficult maritime challenges from sea level to ocean floor and sustainable life-cycle support from sites and offices on every continent.

With the right people and skills on board, and driven by innovation, we provide a competitive edge to our worldwide customers in the dredging, offshore, mining and defence industries. However, Royal IHC is much more than equipment, vessels and services. We deliver reliable, integrated solutions that improve operational efficiency and allow for a more sustainable performance.

All over the world, our people are deeply committed to technological innovation, supported by our long-standing experience in our core markets. Our experts work in close collaboration with multiple stakeholders to meet the specific needs of each customer.

As we navigate new waters in an ever-changing world, our aim remains unchanged: to discover the smartest and safest way forward for both our customers and our people.

Together, we create the maritime future.

Are you looking for an internship, graduation assignment or do you want to work during your study at IHC? Then IHC could be the next vibrant chapter in your career.


TMC is a unique collection of self-starting, highly skilled and almost self-employed technical professionals. Our unparalleled Employeneurship model offers engineers from all backgrounds the comforts of employment and the opportunities of entrepreneurship. This makes for a challenging, stimulating environment that you are welcome to explore.

In this rapidly evolving world, a new generation of engineers with a modern mindset are looking to make their careers in technology. Not within a company as an employee, but with several customers, as professionals, whilst finding purpose. We add value to our customers’ businesses by matching independent professionals precisely to their needs. We empower our Employeneurs to excel. We give them guidance and terrific opportunities to develop themselves. We strongly believe that our Employeneurs can achieve their ambitions – by investing in a journey in which they share and build their knowledge with other people at TMC.


We are a Dutch company, located in Raamsdonksveer, which is developing the world’s first commercial flying car. PAL-V’s mission is to offer people the most flexible form of mobility and the highest sense of freedom imaginable while enjoying the ride. We expect to hand over the first sold models to the lucky customers in 2024. In the coming period, we will mainly focus on compliance demonstration by testing prototypes with associated test setups and/or by performing analyses. During the years professional progress in organizational development has been made, we started with 4 employees and our team now consists of more than 100 individuals.

What does it mean to become a PAL-V’er?

  • Be part of a mobility revolution
  • Building our community
  • Being part of an ambitious team
  • Share your creativity and come to disruptive solutions


To70 is one of the leading aviation consultancies providing research and advisory services to the global aviation community. To70 was founded in The Netherlands in 2000 and has since expanded with offices in Europe, Australia, Asia and Latin America.

At To70 we believe that society’s demand for transport and mobility can be met in a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and economically viable manner. To achieve this, policy and business decisions have to be based on objective information. With our diverse team of aviation specialists around the globe, To70 provides pragmatic solutions and expert advice, based on high quality data-driven analyses.


We are working on solutions to social challenges in the areas of aerospace, agri & food, high-tech systems & materials, life sciences & health, smart industry and water & maritime. We do this by developing, manufacturing and supplying high quality technology and innovative products.

The company was created as a result of the passion of its founders for solving challenging technological and social problems. We develop high-quality, innovative, complex systems and products, and can also take care of production ourselves. This way we create value for our customers. In a society faced by major challenges, we carry out projects that have a positive impact on people and the world they live in. We work on smart applications in various sectors, such as healthcare, safety, water, energy, production and communication. In addition to technological innovation we also devote our efforts to promoting entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education.


Within ALTEN we help our customers develop and improve their products by implementing the latest technologies. We do this by combining different specialisms, understanding the customer’s world and looking for the best solution for that specific application.

Working in the world of automation and autonomous systems with a growing demand for digitization, we embrace the technology of tomorrow and strive to advise and involve our customers in this. We actively develop our knowledge and provide a network in technology.

Within our Technology department we focus on Technical Software, with specialists in Embedded Software, Application Software, Scientific Software. And we have our Mechatronics Department where we focus on Control Software, Mechatronic Design, Electronics and Mechatronics. 

Looking for a graduation project or a job in Control Engineering, either with a focus on software or hardware (or both), we look forward to meet you at the Control Career Fair!

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